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Wedding venue tips

January 7, 2020
wedding venue tips

Super practical wedding venue tips to help your vision align with your reality

Your wedding venue can make or break the quality of your Cookeville wedding celebration in ways you may not realize. Having worked with wedding couples for so many years, we offer some super practical wedding venue tips to help your vision align with your reality.

This video is a good starting point. We offer more tips below:

Wedding venue tip #1

Your wedding venue is your biggest budget consideration. Most wedding planners suggest you set aside 45% to 50% of your total wedding budget for your venue.

By contrast, entertainment accounts for only 10% of your budget, but (and it’s a big BUT), entertainment accounts for 90% of the fun. Great wedding entertainment and a great venue are a great complement to each other. So watch your budget carefully when you’re selecting your venue so you don’t run out of money by the time you get to your entertainment.

Wedding venue tip #2

The main tip for selecting your venue is to lock in your guest list FIRST. No venue is a good venue if it doesn’t have room for all of your guests. Be aware that just because a venue says they have a capacity of, let’s say 200 guests, doesn’t mean 200 guests fit comfortably in the space.

You don’t want to feel cramped, that’s for sure. With Scott Stevens Entertainment providing the entertainment, your dance floor gets a real workout. A cramped venue makes it harder for guests to join in the fun, especially if you add in a photo booth (which is fun on steroids!).

Think ahead. How many people do you really, really want at your reception, and what type of entertainment options fulfill your wedding dreams?

Wedding venue tip #3

When you meet with venues, have a clear vision of what is and what is NOT included in their package price. The biggies are obvious: is catering and the bar included? How about linens? Chairs, candles, parking.

Wedding venue tip #4

The video above offers helpful tips. One helpful tip is to ask what type of lighting and sound comes with your venue. That is a lesser issue if you use Scott Stevens Entertainment. We provide state of the art sound equipment that surpasses any venue around. Even more, we provide a rich array of dazzling lighting options and shockingly affordable prices.

Wedding venue tip #5

Here’s another tip: contact us BEFORE you select your venue. We have worked at every venue imaginable, including some real gems that aren’t as well known as they should be. We may be able to point you to some of these gems once you tell us a little about your wedding dreams. Give us a call without obligation to pick our brain: 931-261-0663.

Scott Stevens Entertainment is here to help your wedding celebration exceed your expectations. Happy planning! And be sure to share this post with a friend. Thank-you!

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