The “Somewhere” love song is back in the news

December 20, 2021
Somewhere love song

Rachel Zegler as Maria in West Side Story (2021)

“Somewhere” is back in the news. And those of you contemplating your upcoming first wedding dance song should take notice.

As you have probably heard, Steven Spielberg just directed a remake of the 1961 hit musical, West Side Story. The original won a boatload of Academy Awards, including best supporting actress for Rita Moreno, who was 30 at the time.

Fast forward to the remake which just came out. Spielberg tapped the now 90 year old Moreno for a different role than she played 60 years ago and gave her the privilege of singing “Somewhere.”

“Somewhere” is a tender love song perfect for weddings. The music is written by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, who just passed away a few weeks ago. Ms. Moreno demonstrates that a classic love song like this is truly timeless:

The “Somewhere” love song

Just a few spare lines from “Somewhere” remind us of Sondheim’s genius for conveying emotion:

There’s a place for us,

A time and a place for us.

Hold my hand and we’re half way there,

Hold my hand and I’ll take you there,




 As professional DJs specializing in Cookeville weddings, we love the opportunity to play exactly the song you want for your first dance.

Perhaps you’d prefer the original cut of the “Somewhere” love song from the 1961 musical:

Or maybe you’d love a different love song altogether, such as “Tonight,” to launch your first wedding dance together:


Scott Stevens Entertainment customizes the entertainment to fit your style and musical tastes, whether it’s Broadway, rock, or rap.

Somewhere there is the perfect DJ entertainment company that knows how to pack a dance floor and create an evening of magic with gorgeous decor lighting for your event. Where do you find such a company? Here! But popular wedding dates get booked fast. Check us out today: 931-261-0663.

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