Cake smashing ruins wedding

Did you see the recent news article about cake smashing? You know what cake-smashing is, when the newly married couple smashes a piece of cake into each other’s faces during the cake cutting.

A recent, nameless bride went on Reddit to rant about this awful tradition.

It seems she had told her betrothed in no uncertain terms NOT to smash cake into her face. She wrote:

“I told him if he ever did something like that to me I’d leave him. He started laughing but I was being for real.”

Then he went ahead and did it at the wedding. What happened?

“This was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives and he embarrassed me in front of everyone for some prank that he knew I hated. Not only that, he ruined a 500 dollar cake. He ruined my makeup, my hair and the top of my dress. The cake got all over.”

She was so upset, she left the wedding and didn’t return.

Reddit users overwhelmingly leapt to her defense, as she received 31,200 upvotes, accompanied with comments like these:

“I think stunts like that are annulment-worthy, but that’s just me.”

“This isn’t just a cake or a prank, this is flat out disrespect.”

“He had one job and it was don’t smash a cake in his fiancée’s face.”

YouTube is full of smash-caking incidents. It’s not a pretty sight.  And as the commentator in the video above suggests, people can … and have gotten injured.

Even more, it gets some marriages off on the wrong foot. As the commentator above puts it, it’s a bad omen of things to come.

This is a lousy tradition. Our humble advice: you don’t need it. We’ll provide all the fun and entertainment your Cookeville wedding needs without messing up your make-up, hair, and clothes! Check out our availability without obligation.