Should you bake your own wedding cake?

bake your own wedding cakeThe quick answer is no. You should not bake your own wedding cake. A Florida bride who DID bake her own wedding cake last year created a social media firestorm with her home-made five tier wedding cake.

Lilly Mendoza decided to bake her own cake for a simple reason: she wanted to, and she knew what she was doing.

Mrs. Mendoza graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a bachelor’s degree in applied food studies. Her studies focused on baking and pastry, equipping her with the skill set to design and bake her vanilla sponge cake brushed with caramel syrup and icing.

Readers of this blog need to understand what a daunting undertaking this is. The project begins days in advance. In fact, EACH layer is a project unto itself, requiring individual baking, chilling, and decorating:

Then on the day of the wedding, when time is already short, you’ve got to transport each (chilled) layer in boxes to your reception venue, keep it chilled in hot, humid climates, so it holds together when it’s time to stack and assemble the finished project. Oh … and then there’s the final decorative touches, such as flowers and toppers.

We don’t recommend it. It puts unnecessary time pressure on you on a day when you want to be as loose as possible.

Having said that, Lilly Mendoza knew what she was doing and pulled it off like a charm. Her wedding photographer captured a video of her final cake preparations and posted it on Instagram (above), where it went viral. Millions have viewed it, and needless to say, shared their thoughts. It’s the negative ones that are hard to ignore, like these:

“I am so sorry, but all I’m seeing from afar are colored toilet paper rolls. This is a comedy sketch, right?”


“(She) should’ve paid someone …”


“Isn’t the cake suppose to look more decorative??”


That these comments are unkind isn’t the point. The point is that designing and baking a wedding cake that is both beautiful and delicious is an art form unto itself, best entrusted to the professionals.

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