Tis the season for celebrity wedding crashers

Celebrity wedding crashers are everywhere. The question is: would you like to have one crash your affair? There are pros and cons, you know.

For example, Will Smith and James Corden take a break from a segment of Carpool Karaoke to crash this wedding:

You can see the con: they disrupt everything. And when Will lies down on the bride’s wedding gown, his sneakers came dangerously close to soiling its pristine whiteness. Hmmpf!

And then there’s the case of Rascal Flatts. They crashed this wedding in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Take a look …

Con: not everyone likes country music. Hmmpf!

And here’s a celebrity wedding crashers trifecta: Jimmy Kimmel, David Spade, AND Celine Dion all crash the wedding ceremony of this couple getting married in Las Vegas:

Con: they’re not even disrupting the reception, they’re disrupting the ceremony. Bad form! Hmmpf!

Okay … let’s be honest. Most people reading today’s blogpost would love to have a celebrity crash their wedding. Who knows. Maybe one will. If the late Queen Elizabeth could crash a wedding, then anything is possible!

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