What to include in your wedding website

May 6, 2024

wedding websiteOn Monday, your co-work Susie asks you what time is your wedding. On Tuesday, childhood friend Mindy calls and asks what the dress code is. On Wednesday, Aunt Martha calls and asks what hotel to stay at. How do you cut down on all of these calls? Your wedding website.

Yes, your website is a fine place to post personal pictures of your unique love story. But it’s really more valuable as a clearing house of info on wedding details to reduce the inevitable flood of calls couples used to get before the dawn of the wedding website.

Here’s what to include on your wedding website:

  1. Repeat the essential info found on your wedding invitation. Time, place, date, etc.
  2. Where to register.
  3. Where to stay. It’s always nice to get a block of rooms at a conveniently-located hotel to simplify accommodations for out-of-towners. By the same token, provide them with transportation and parking options.
  4. Provide ideas of places to go and things to do in your town. Highlight the places you and fiancé like to visit so your guests will know what to do during downtimes.
  5. Repeat dress code details. Let’s face it, people misplace or pitch their wedding invitations. Yes, that’s an unpleasant thought considering the love and resources you probably put into your invitation. Never fear, your wedding website can pick up the slack. You can even include pics of attire suggestions for guests who aren’t clear what business casual or cocktail attire looks like.
  6. Timeline of events. Detail isn’t important, just a rough flow of the day/evening to allow guests to plan accordingly, especially if they bring children.
  7. Your courtship pics. You’ll note this is #7 on the list. Many couples want to start with it, but you’re better to get the key details front-loaded on your site to reduce phone calls.
  8. Frequently-asked questions. This is the perfect way to wrap up your wedding website. We recommend that you ask your friends who recently got married what kind of questions did they get? You can predict many of them:

Common FAQs

Can I bring my kids? (See #6)

Can I bring my boyfriend whom I’ve been dating for the last two weeks?

Can you provide a vegan meal?

Can you provide a gluten-free meal?

How much time will there be between ceremony and reception?

Is the ceremony going to be a full wedding Mass?

Can non-Catholics take communion?

What’s the dress code? (See #5 above. Even though you’ve already told them twice, might not hurt to reiterate the most-common questions in the FAQs)

Can I request my favorite songs during the reception?

Regarding the last question, Scott Stevens Entertainment can take requests IF that is your preference. Or we can tell guests that we’ve curated a fabulous set-list based on your preferences that is sure to delight every single guest at some point during the celebration.

Customized music is one key to a Cookeville wedding celebration you’ll never forget. And we’ll play your music on high-end equipment that bathes your venue in lovely, clear, controlled sound. Check us out right now to see if we still have your date available.

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