Embarrassing wedding guest etiquette blunders

wedding guest etiquette blundersMost people have enough common sense not to pull the shenanigans I’m about to reveal. However, one person reading this (okay, maybe two) need to have their eyes opened to some real embarrassing wedding guest etiquette blunders that can irritate, incense, and even infuriate your wedding hosts.


Embarrassing wedding guest etiquette blunders begin with a failure to RSVP. Your wedding hosts need a head count. Don’t keep them hanging. RSVP quickly, or at least RSVP by the deadline they give you.

Don’t complain

Okay, let’s say your friend decides to get married during the Super Bowl. Stupid, but don’t make it worse by complaining about it. Most brides and grooms select their wedding dated based on the availability of their church and reception venue. If this date conflicts with another big date on your calendar, suck it up or decline the invitation. But don’t you dare complain about it in an attempt to make the couple feel guilty.

Don’t push your own guests on the bride

Your wedding invitation arrives. Your name is on the invitation, and that’s it. That means you’re attending alone. Again, suck it up and don’t call the bride to pressure her to let you bring a date. Budgets matter to most brides, and she is probably already stretched thin. Unless your invitation adds the words “and guest”, or some variation, accept or decline the invitation graciously.

Don’t get drunk

Nothing more needs to be said.

Don’t grab the mic and make a toast

Unless you were expressly asked to be a part of the program, remember that you’re not.

Don’t wear white

This is the bride’s day. White is reserved for her.

Dress appropriately

One of the most embarrassing wedding guest wedding blunders is to underdress for an evening wedding celebration. If you can’t dress up for a wedding, like the folks in the photo above didn’t, then why put yourself out?  Some weddings are more casual than others, but when it is scheduled for evening, or when the invitation says semi-formal, dress appropriately.

Put your phones away!

Have you ever sat at a table with people you didn’t know and everyone had their faces buried in their smartphones, like the one above? It’s horrible for you, and the bride and groom can’t help but be disappointed that their guests are so disengaged.

The solution to wedding guest etiquette blunders

Of course, the solution to this last blunder is great entertainment, which is exactly what Scott Stevens Entertainment provides. If people are having fun, they don’t feel a need to entertain themselves by keeping up on social media during your wedding celebration.

We know how to pull them out of their seats and on to the dance floor with top notch DJ wedding entertainment. We know how to keep them on their feet with our sensational photo booths for Cookeville weddings.

If you’re attending a wedding, follow these simple tips to avoid embarrassing wedding guest etiquette blunders. If you’re planning a wedding, call us at 931-261-0663 for the dance floor-packing entertainment that will help your guests’ gaffes be quickly forgotten.